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This is a Fine Art Site that is formatted for Desk Top / Laptop viewing   best  viewed on a larger device

All Multidiscipliary Arts and photography of  ( C ) Barry R. Irving aka Dean StoryMaster 2022

for more info - contact @ [email protected]



Community Folk Arts Central 

 The "Art of FOLK" 

is under construction 

Ako Dun Academy

of  Hand  Drumming

This is a Classical Art Form ... "Tecnique Matters"

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced 


Above is Jeffery, a student at Martin Lurher King School in Scheectady, NY ( 1987 )

The 5 day workshop was one of many regional sites for the Capital District, NY. Imagination Celebration.

He's learning one of the age old approaches to heading a Djun Djun, 

a double headed Bass Drum that accompanys the West African Djembe Drum. 

I began studying the music of the Late Babatunde Olotunji at age 8, among other Caribbean / W. African Percussion and Dance Linguists. My study source was my fathersLarge, Jazz, Pop, R & B and African / "World Music collection"  His WM collection predates the modern term.

I picked up drum making from my Father, ( The Late Billy Irving Sr. ) who played Rumba  in the parks and along with my uncle, 

worked on their Congas in our living room weekly ... 

1986 / 1987 ( Schenectady, N.Y. )

Myself (L ) ... and members of the Hamilton Hill Art Center's Umoja and Burundi Drummers

along with the Late Babatunde Olotunji & Drums of Passion.

We performed on the Big Stage at the Empire State Black Arts and Culture Fest

 ... Four Traditionally styled Trap Drums that won me a full color 1/4 page spread

in Modern Drummer Magazine ( 1997) also appearing in Rhythm Music Magazine ( 1996 )

Both magazines listed Top U.S. Custom Drum Makers and the prominent Global rise of the Djembe Cultures

Advanced Student Tim Garrahan playing  a set of Ashikos with

 both my One Hoop Stitch and Two Hoop Tuck, heading styles ... my specialty ...

 The Standing / Seated Warrior

Posture - Focus - Techique (C) Ensemble Consciousness